Easily Automate Rewards for Clicktools Survey

e-gift card survey incentives for Qualtrics

Easily Automate Clicktools Rewards with Rybbon

Give survey reward choice

Pick the perfect survey incentive – US or Global

Reward Clicktools survey respondents with US eGift cards, international eGift Cards, world-wide Virtual Visa or e-donations.

Pick the perfect reward from a large selection of top US and international brands and charities. Or, setup a curated list of rewards and let your recipients choose their preferred reward. E-donations are perfect for the charity-minded survey respondents or respondents who are shy about accepting gifts.

Offer survey respondents the rewards they want, get the response rates you need.

Reward instantly upon Clicktools survey completion

Add an gift card reward to end of Qualtrics survey

Your reward is presented when a respondent completes the survey. Rybbon verifies the respondent’s email address, emails the reward and tracks every reward delivery.


Invite using any email method


Keep responses anonymous


Verify and approve recipients

Deliver survey rewards with your trusted email and brand

Never send a reward from a third-party again. The Rybbon-Clicktools integration lets you send customized emails from your address. Respondents will instantly recognize your email in their crowded inbox. Rybbon lets you produce stylish emails which are mobile friendly. You will customize the emails to match your brand’s look. A reward from your branded email creates a positive experience between you and your respondent. Create goodwill for your business by showing your survey respondents you really do value their time.

Get 100% refunds on unclaimed gifts!

It happens more often than you think – 5% to 20% of customer gifts go unclaimed.

When that happens, Rybbon automatically gives you a 100% refund. You will never waste your limited budget on unclaimed gifts.

Get 100% refunds on unclaimed gifts
Manage multiple surveys

Manage all your survey incentives programs from one place

Do you have multiple surveys with rewards going on at once? The Rybbon-Clicktools integration allows you to track everything from one central portal. You can easily manage your rewards with a few clicks. Forget using spreadsheets or other means to track your work. Rybbon and Clicktools allow you to efficiently pull reports to help you understand how your recipients are responding to surveys and rewards. You will save time and avoid errors with Rybbon and Clicktools.

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